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talent management


We hire the best professionals with experience and certifications throughout the United States.

Delane Talent Management is the staffing services division of our company that provides technical and professional placement services. Our highly-skilled professionals provide staffing services from entry level positions to the Executive Suite.


Delane offers Startup Support in different functional areas to allow emerging companies to focus on their priorities and core competencies and eliminating the need to issue stock options.                                                                                                         +Learn More



Delane’s commitment to excellence does not end once a candidate is placed in a role within our client’s organization. We have extensive follow-up and performance remediation programs for our full-time and contractor placements to ensure full client satisfaction and value delivery.



Since our recruiting team has excelled in most of the industries and functions we serve, we are highly intuitive in understanding critical client needs from the outset of an engagement.

Talent Management Services
Staff Augmentation

We provide our outsourced staff to supplement existing staff with complementary skills and experience.


We provide short-and-long-term contractual personnel through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with the right to hire at the client's discretion.

Direct Hires

We provide full-time employees  who possess unique skill sets identified for executive level or other critical functional areas, and offer direct hired searches.

Startup- Operational Support

We offer HR, Operational, and Marketing Support in different functional areas allowing them to gain competitive advantage.

Vendor Management Systems

Experience with large enterprise VMS systems to manage all contract workers requisitions, including candidate submissions. 

We provide total workforce management services to ensure fair practices around recruitment, procurement, and HR processes. 

Staffing Specialties

Delane Talent Management stands out from traditional staffing service firms by focusing on a limited set of industries and professional functional areas for our placements.

Continuous Improvement Roles

   (Agile, LSS)

Data Analytics


Finance & Accounting

HQ Support Functions (HR,

   Finance, Admin)

Information Technology Professionals

Program & Project Management

We do this to provide our clients with dedicated, high caliber services where we have invested significant resources in both industry and functional subject matter expertise. 

Looking to Hire
Case Study
business interview

Our customer approached Delane to help them build a fast-start team of experts in business operations. 


The company lacked resources to properly:



Delane proposed to staff the department with contractors and use a Delane consultant to drive the hiring practice and workflow processes.


Write clear job descriptions.

Search and qualify the right talent.

Filter through many resumes.

Conduct numerous interviews.

Build and design workflow processes. 

Eight individuals were recruited and added to the team.

Delane performed the on-boarding and training.

Individuals quickly became effective.

The department workflow processes are still being utilized post-engagement.

At the end of the engagement, six of the eight individuals were converted to full-time employees.

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