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Theo Bell Delane
Theo Bell delivers keynote speeches and facilitates training and development programs for large and small companies. His sessions are packed with content, centered on real-world application, and delivered in a comfortable and engaging tone.
Executive Management Coaching

Are you trying to grow your career, make more money, or understand how to navigate frustrating office politics? If you are, this session is for you. We will discuss very important practices that every executive must understand to create sustainable success for themselves.


Portfolio Management & Benefit Realization

Aligning all initiatives and resources to the strategy of the business continues to be an issue for most companies. Planning and tracking benefits never get moved to the front-burner. In this insightful session, Theo will show you how to get it all done.


Agile for the Business

Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer Care, and other business groups need business Agility, particularly their I.T. partners. In this session, Theo outlines the "why" for building the case, the "what" methodology that is customizable for your business, and since all businesses are unique, he'll also tackle the "how" with strategic planning to get you started.

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