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Businesses are changing rapidly, and our clients are finding the need of consultancy support in areas where they lack core competencies. The Delane team is focused on current and emerging areas of business to fill this gap for our clients.


Delane offers a cohesive framework which encompasses four critical areas of focus (Pillars of Business Agility) to guarantee a successful journey towards achieving sustainable Business Agility.

Pillars of Business Agility:

Culture Transformation

Lean Product Development

Agile Delivery

Proliferation & Sustainability


Delane Lean Business Agility (DLBA)

Delane Lean Business Agility (DLBA) is a Business Transformation framework used to transform organizations with operational challenges. 

We have combined relevant attributes of: 





To help organizations achieve high levels of operational excellence.

Lean Product Development

Design Thinking

Change Management

Agile Delivery ​

Business Agility Services

Key Activities

Visioning & Roadmap Creation

Stable Team Design & Standup

Portfolio Management & Prioritization

Change Management

Stakeholder Management

Impediment & Risk Management

Product Discovery

Agile Best Practices & Ceremonies

Training & Coaching

Case Study

A Telecommunication Enterprise organization asked Delane to transform their organization to:


Results after 12 Months (project ongoing): 


Pilot programs demonstrating 50 percent in the reduction of cycle time. Leadership team agrees to manage as Servant Leaders. Full Agile deployment approved by Leadership Team, now underway.

Reduce cycle time by 70 percent.

Ideate better products.

Improve overall culture to be more collaborative.

Improve leadership culture to align with Agile mindset.

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