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Delane Consulting and Talent Management is a premier professional services firm with an award-winning approach to business transformation and operational excellence services for our Fortune 500 clients across many industries.

We are a nationally certified, (EMSDC) minority-owned firm located in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania with a specific focus on two complementary, best-in-class, set of services- Professional Consulting and Talent Management.

Delane is a highly collaborative, smart, and transformation-minded organization. We thrive on being flexible and Agile. Integrity is at the core of our organization. 
Our Mission

Delane’s commitment from the outset of the firm has been to provide unique and sustainable value to its clients.

"Our team is dedicated to providing clients with specialized analyses and customized solutions that are tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities and to deliver measurable and sustainable results.


Our professionals are creative and driven leaders who are bound by a shared culture of integrity, innovation, and performance excellence. It is our personal commitment to not only deliver solutions, but long-term results to drive improvement throughout our clients' organizations.


This is an exciting time for Delane. We look forward to serving our clients as a leading talent & consultancy practice in a changing world of work".


Theo Bell, President, CEO

How We Differ from Other Firms


Our clients have said that when they work with other consulting firms, the projects go "just okay enough."


But when they work with Delane, we fully achieve the result and make substantial impacts on their organization.

Furthermore, all of our consultants have held professional, senior leadership, or executive level positions within Fortune 500 companies.


Delane goes beyond the call of duty versus what big house consulting firms provide. The inherent value of what a firm receives from Delane far exceeds the actual investment comparatively.

Our Clients

Consulting Expertise

Delane Consulting provides traditional consulting services in four main areas to drive business excellence: Agile Transformation, Program Management Office (PMO), Data Analytics, and Organization Effectiveness.

These services can be utilized by all corporate departments.

Talent Management Expertise

We are a provider of technical and professional placement services. Our talent management services provide staff augmentation and direct hire placement services

throughout the United States. We use corporate experienced managers in the recruiting process to ensure the right person is deployed in the right position.

Strategic Alliances

We utilize strategic alliances and partnerships to complement and reinforce our core consulting services.

 We have partnerships with Fortune 500 affiliated firms that provide complementary solutions and services that enable our suite of Organizational Transformation consulting services.


These firms provide such services as Edge and Cloud Computing solutions, IT architecture design, DevOps strategy and organizational design, application development, and test automation. 

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