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Our Training courses are available for private groups of up to 8 professionals. 





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Corporate Training for Employee groups of up to 30. 




Delane Lean Business Agility Community of Practice

Key Benefits

Agile Training


  • Learn the fundamentals of the Agile methodologies.

  • Understand what is Product Discovery and how to utilize for designing the best Customer Experience.

  • Uncover the value of Portfolio Management.

  • Learn about industry best practices.

  • Discover a practical way to manage your company’s resources.

  • Learn how to design a framework for Benefit Management and Realization.

  • Practice running the Agile ceremonies and understanding the key roles and responsibilities of an effective Scrum team.

Jira® Training


  • Introduce users to Jira and demystify the terminology.

  • Build confidence using and navigating Jira.

  • Understand and establish baseline success factors. 

  • Align with industry best practices and standards.

  • Identify and enable key drivers for success and cross-team alignment. 

  • Explore common use cases and ‘best-fit’ functionality for different work types.  

  • Better leverage built-in capabilities for monitoring and visualizing Jira. 

  • Customizing and Configuring Jira.

Delane will not only train newly transformed teams but more importantly coach them throughout their transformation to guarantee a sustainable and long-lasting change.


Individual Registrations

Individual Registrations

Private Group Training


Corporate Training

Corporate Training

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