Emerging Technologies

Delane provides expert consultancy services for emerging technologies and practices. The Delane team can guide your organization from vision through implementation by using strong organization transformation, program, portfolio and project management skills. Delane also provides support for advanced data analytics, by creating the platform from inception, or supplementing your existing staff with our advanced knowledge and expertise in predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Many of our clients, with our help, have instituted Agile methods and practices to improve their product, discover team collaboration and market delivery. Our Delane team would love to do the same for you. If you desire to have a committed team of best-in-the-business experts support your efforts, then Delane can help!

Organization Transformation

Delane understands how companies determine that their current culture of leadership principles and customer focus, along with employee behaviors can no longer meet their demanding customer or market needs. Delane facilitates and can lead an organization transformation (from Vision through execution) that will help our clients to a new “end-state” that will address customer and market demands".

Agile Transformation

Delane's approach to Agile transformation follows a path we have identified through our work with countless organizations we have helped transition to Agile practices. Working onsite with a large cross-section of industries and organizations, Delane's
Agile coaches have observed patterns in the way organizations adopt Agile, and more
importantly, identified critical phases most companies traverse in moving toward Agility.

PMO/Portfolio Management

Delane’s practice of portfolio management will assist the client with aligning their strategy and execution funnel to produce the most effective and efficient delivery vehicle. We demonstrate to our clients that a 1 – N prioritization of the portfolio is possible via “value drivers”, along with strong capacity management. Our PMO techniques center is ensuring that value is driven from all aspects of project and process management.

Data Analytics

Delane provides clients with several data analytics solutions: 1) Staff augmentation for predictive and prescriptive analytics. 2) The creation of a data analytics center of excellence – working with the leadership team to see the value in investing in data analytics and 3) Supporting our clients with determining the right platform and infrastructure.

The right strategy for your business needs

"Agile adoption is a journey that results in a transformation in the ways the IT organization and the business work. Successfully traveling the transformational path calls for enormous effort in managing the change -- changes in the organization's structure, people's behavior, team dynamics, tools, processes, stakeholder interactions, and so on". 

Fady Zachary, Principal Consultant

Information Intelligence

Delane's data analytics team will guide you into making investment decisions based on verifiable data models, behavior patterns, and usage trends. Your path toward success will immediately become clearer.

Product Development Process

"During the product development process, build a system of metrics to monitor progress. Include input metrics, such as average time in each stage, as well as output metrics that measure the value of launched products, percentage of new product sales, and other figures that provide valuable feedback. It is important for an organization to be in agreement for these criteria and metrics".

Fady Zachary, Principal Consultant