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"Our team is dedicated to providing clients with specialized analyses and customized solutions that are tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities to deliver measurable and sustainable results.

This is an exciting time for Delane. We look forward to serving our clients as a leading talent and consultancy practice in a changing world of work". 

Theo Bell, President, CEO

Executive team members

Theo Bell
President, CEO

Theo assumed the role at Delane after a long and rewarding career at Verizon, where his organization was rewarded PM Solutions’ 2012 PMO of the Year Award. As the Vice President of the Project Management Office (PMO) & Portfolio Management for Verizon Wireless, Theo had the responsibility to develop and deploy a company-wide portfolio management, innovation and new product development practice that gave Verizon a strategic edge .

Cara Washington 
VP Business Development

Cara joined Delane as the VP of New Business Development after a 30+ year career as a Program Management Executive. Prior to joining Delane, Cara was the PMO Director at Verizon Wireless in the New Product and Business organization, where she directed and lead an experienced team of Project, Program and Portfolio managers, with responsibility of a $1.2B portfolio of products and services.

Steve Thompson
Business Development Manager

Steve has spent most of his career supporting management teams. He has excelled in the manufacturing and services business environments with extensive experience in both business and technical management. He enjoys working to create business processes that allow flexibility and growth for business opportunity success and enable the teams of people making it happen.

Angela Serna 
Operations & Account Executive

Angela leads all Operations management at Delane, along with Account Management for a Fortune 20 telecommunication company. Before joining Delane, Angela served as an Executive Assistant to a VP in Marketing at Verizon. Prior to that, Angela was Operations Manager for a private business. Through-out Angela’s career, she has served as “chief-of-staff”, which has allowed her to understand all aspects of business operations.

Tracy Walker
Talent Mgmt. Officer

Tracy leads the talent acquisition efforts for Delane. She has a diverse HR background with a concentration in creating state of the art employee experiences through technology. She has produced best in class recruiting tools and processes for large companies such as Verizon where she was the Executive Director of HR Systems and Process Innovation for over 16 years. She enjoys matching inspired talent with great opportunity!